About LBA

LBA Consulting Group was founded in 1991 to help senior managers improve the contribution of their people to current and future organization success. The firm specializes in the areas of compensation, talent management, and change management. LBA Consulting Group utilizes its in-depth understanding of client requirements, practitioner expertise, proprietary methodologies and specialized databases to customize solutions to each client's specific needs. The Firm has served large organizations and middle market companies in a variety of industries, professionals services firms, nonprofit, and government sector clients.

Lance A. Berger & Associates, Ltd. provides senior management advisory services in the practice areas below. We have also developed a seminal publication for each practice area.


We develop reward strategies and implementation processes to effectively reinforce an organization's vision, mission, and goals. Projects typically include compensation strategy, job evaluation, market pricing, performance management, salary administration, executive compensation, incentive plan design, sales effectiveness, and international compensation. Read more

Talent Management

We assist clients in formulating, designing, and implementing programs to assure that they have the human resources capabilities to achieve short- and long-term organizational excellence. Our projects typically entail the use of our proprietary TalentReservoir methodology to assess people in terms of organization requirements and implement programs that build bridges to organization excellence. Typical projects include the formulation of talent management strategies, the design of talent management assessment tools, employee evaluation , talent planning, training and development, the development of reward systems, and the implementation of a complete talent management plan for organizational excellence.‚Äč  Read more

Change Management

We help organizations efficiently align their organization structure, processes, culture, and reward systems with their institutional strategy. Our goal is to assure that clients have the capability to create, anticipate, and/or respond to changes in their environment more quickly and effectively than their competitors. Our process involves creating an organization snapshot, a business success blueprint, and a change implementation program. Our approach is based on the principle that long-term institutional and personal success is based on an ability to rapidly and continuously synchronize strategy, organization processes, and human resources with changing conditions. Read more