Introducing TalentReservoir®

TalentReservoir® is a significant breakthrough for all organizations, no matter how small or large, to implement a viable, cost-effective process for developing bench strength for key positions, cultivating and retaining the best people, allocating resources based on employee contribution, reducing turnover, and stimulating a performance oriented culture.

How Does TalentReservoir® Work?

TalentReservoir® consists of a set of unique processes designed by experienced consultants and supported by a computer program that integrates diverse assessment and implementation systems into a single process that links employee capabilities and preferences to organizational needs. It identifies key areas of employee risk, organizational capability gaps and employee deficiencies to present clear options to address these issues.

What are the Benefits of TalentReservoir®?

TalentReservoir® produces the following benefits:

  • A more competent workforce
  • Reduced turnover of high performing and high potential employees
  • Managed turnover of low performing and low potential employees
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • A performance oriented culture
  • Higher quality backups
  • Better quality new hires through use of targeted competencies in the interviewing process
  • Improved return on training dollars
  • Improved morale
  • Improved pay-for-performance linkage

What are the TalentReservoir® Sources of Uniqueness?

TalentReservoir® is unique because of the following:

  • It has well-defined and actionable deliverables
  • TalentReservoir® consultants have in-depth and exclusive expertise in the TalentReservoir® approach
  • It is based on three specific human resources strategies necessary to achieve organizational excellence
  • It is simple for line managers to use
  • It integrates existing assessment techniques into a single coherent and internally consistent format or provides a new assessment framework
  • It creates a unique organizational language based on competencies
  • It is efficient and low cost
  • It provides coaching options related to competency requirements
  • It relies on a single data capture form and a single report form
  • It is supported by a Web-based data collection, analysis, and implementation oriented computerized system
  • It builds an employee value chain from selection to assessment to development to placement
  • It offers reports that simplify the user's understanding of human capital needs