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Management Wisdom From The New York Yankees’ Dynasty

What Every Manager Can Learn From a Legendary Team's 80-Year Success

Since the 1920’s, the New York Yankees have become the most successful sports franchise in history because of the way they manage their talent and their organization. So how do they do it?

The Yankees’ sustained success can be traced to 14 core management principles, applicable to any business operating today. These principles embrace cultivation of home-grown talent, creation of a culture that demands excellence, pursuit and introduction of the most talented players from outside the organization, promotion of a diversified workforce, and utilization of a productive farm system as currency in making talent deals.

Table of Contents

Part I

Leadership Established the Foundation

  • Principle 1 - Cultivate Ownership Values from the Top Down
  • Principle 2 - Hire the Best Frontline Managers You Can Find - They're the Most Important People in Your Organization
  • Principle 3 - Formally Recognize Your Informal Leaders

Part II:

Processes for Developing and Maintaining A Dynasty

  • Principle 4 - Set the Bar Higher Than Your People Have Ever Seen It: Quantitative Measures
  • Principle 5 - Make Organizational Competencies the Heart of Your Appraisal Process : Qualitative Measures
  • Principle 6 - Make Everyone on the Team a Talent Scout
  • Principle 7 - Create a Balance of Superstars, Stars, and Solid Performers: Assessing and Classifying Your Employees
  • Principle 8 - Establish Your Talent Strategy and Fill in the Gaps
  • Principle 9 - Create a Solid Farm System: Train and Develop Your People
  • Principle 10 - Pay Your People Based on Their Actual and Potential Contribution
  • Principle 11 - Make the Superstar the Focal Point of Your Organization

Part III:

Design Your Culture for Success

  • Principle 12 - Diversify Your Talent Pool
  • Principle 13 - Celebrate Your History, Heroes, and Legends: Creating Traditions of Excellence
  • Principle 14 - Boldly Promote Your Tradition of Excellence