DeEngineering The Corporation

Leading Growth from Within

Growth is the single most important and personal theme voiced by business leaders as they prepare their organizations, their employees, and themselves to create and sustain a competitive advantage in the 21st Century. Sustaining a competitive advantage will only be achieved by demonstrating leadership in four aligned areas: strategy, operations, culture, and rewards. Organizations and individuals must now be prepared to take charge of their own destinies in order to drive growth rather than to continue to depend on outside experts expounding cure-all fads. The degree to which an organization succeeds in implementing its own "leadership strategy" will determine how well it survives and prospers.

But before any leadership strategy can be implemented, an organization must execute the following four actions:

  • Take back control of your organization.
  • Eliminate the residue of failed and unfulfilled change initiatives that restrict growth.
  • Focus on the basic foundations of both management and leadership.
  • Build a change-responsive organization through developing change-responsive people.

The above actions define "deeingineering" - the path towards creating and sustaining organizational growth.

Deengineering The Corporation presents a clear, simple, and flexible guide to implementing a leadership strategy for growth. The book is replete with the success stories of strong, favorable role models with whom the reader can identify, as well as case histories that demonstrate "deengineering" principles in action. The experiences of the authors, and over twenty contributors, offer unique insider information that brings home the message of leading growth from within in a practical, easy-to-follow manner.‚Äč


Part One: Deengineering



Chapter 1

Sustaining Growth

Chapter 2

The Reengineering Game

Chapter 3

The Failure of the Reengineering Game

Chapter 4

Taking Control of the Organization

Chapter 5

Mastering the Change Management Process

Chapter 6

Building the Change-Responsive Organization

Chapter 7

Building Change-Responsive People

Part Two: Change Managers In Action



William Benac

Electronic Data Systems Corporation

Robert Bernstock

Campbell Soup Company

Robert Catell

Brooklyn Union Company

Betsy Cohen

Jefferson Bank

Frances Murphy Draper

AFRO-American Newspaper Group

Herbert Elish

Weirton Steel Corporation

Michael Emmi

Systems & Computer Technology Corp.

Gary Fernandes

Electronic Data Systems Corporation

Jean Pierre Garnier

SmithKline Beecham PLC

John Georges

International Paper Company

Rosemarie Greco

CoreStates Financial Corporation

Paul Grunder

CPC International Incorporated

Leonard Hadley

Maytag Corporation

David Holveck

Centocor Incorporated

Don Mabe

Perdue Farms Incorporated

R. James Macaleer

Shared Medical Systems Corporation

James E. Marley

AMP Incorporated

Gary Mecklenburg

Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Barbara Roberts

FPG International Corporation

Stanley Silverman

PQ Corporation

Toshiaki Urushisako

Sharp Corporation

Leslie Vadasz

Intel Corporation

Paul Wahl

SAP America Incorporated